What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

There is no way to be completely confident in the condition of a car when you buy one second-hand. But there are things you can do to take away some of the mystery. Even if you know nothing about mechanical issues, it is often easy to spot something that isn’t right. Here are some suggestions.

Bring a Knowledgeable Friend:  When you go look at a car. The second set of eyes is helpful, and someone who knows what questions to ask will help you immensely.

Get the History: You can ask the owner about the car’s history, but these days you only need the number plate to get the MOT history for the vehicle. You can get a car’s history at the MOT in Wallington. This way, you can check if the story matches the facts.

Look for Damage: Anything that doesn’t look right you should question. Look for leaks, rough bodywork is the car straight?

Test Drive: The test drive is essential. Before you drive off, watch the exhaust when it starts up; is there any smoke? Does the car start easily and idle quietly? When you get inside, have a good look around, are all the gauges and features functioning, any warning lights? Try the sound system too. When you drive the car, don’t just go around the block. Take it where you can get up to highway speed. Check the acceleration, the braking too, does it pull when braking? Are the brakes soft? Remember, it’s not your car, so be respectful.

Suppose you don’t have any problems at this stage. It might be time to start your negotiation. If you want to be surer, you can bring the car to a mechanic for a thorough going over.

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