What are the necessities to know before renting a car in the UAE?

Owning a car has become old-fashioned in recent days. With inflation, the prices of all products have sky-rocketed, and cars are no exception. Also, when you are living in a foreigner-friendly country like the UAE, you would require a car only a few times. However, buying one will become a waste of money. So, the concept of renting a car became popular. Now, anyone who wishes to try a luxury car or to travel long distances independently can rent a car from a car rental company easily. It is easy to find available cars for rental with the help of the internet. Once you see the list of available cars, you can choose the best one for your drive. However, the process is not so simple. There are several necessities to know before you can end up renting a car. Let us discuss some of these in brief.

Necessary things to know while renting a car

No cross-boundary

If you are renting a car in Dubai, you are not allowed to pass the border of the UAE. You could not make international travels by road in a rented car. There will be no restrictions to drive the vehicle within the city. If you do so, you would have to face some penalties along with the blocking of your security deposit with the rental company. There will be some rare cases where the company allows you to go out of the UAE. If you have completed all the formalities for this process, you can move out of the country. Else, it is advisable to be within the boundaries.

Insurance policies

Insurance is a safety measure for the unfortunate events on the property. If you insure your car, you can claim money for any damage caused due to unexpected accidents. You will get insurance for your own car. However, if you rent a car, the company should provide the necessary documents for insurance. Else, you will be responsible for the damages that happened during your undertaking of the vehicle. Also, you should be careful while taking up the car. If there is any damage to the vehicle, either internally or externally, you should avoid renting it to avoid unnecessary issues and charges. However, some rental companies offer insurance policies covering all these unexpected damages. If you get a car with any of these companies, you can be on the safer side.


If you are the person responsible for driving the rented car, you must have the required driving licenses. According to your nationality and the type of visa, your license requirements will vary. You should find out whether it is okay to use your home country’s license or it is needed to acquire an international license before renting a car.

Security deposit

The rental companies are offering cars for small rent amounts. If you run to your home country with the car, they would experience losses. So, they will ask you to deposit some money for security purposes.

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