Understanding the 2020 Dodge Challenger

Get the 2020 Dodge Challenger at a new RAM truck for sale Chicago. There are plenty of tweaks added to the design, which came out in the 2008 model year. The newest version of Dodge Challenger doesn’t have a next-generation build. The Dodge just added a new exterior and interior to the design that was already there. It includes limited features that celebrated its 50th anniversary since the first Dodge was released.

The following are the top reasons you should buy a Dodge Challenger 2020:

Driving a vehicle that has a history

There are several models of cars which come and go. What could have been popular several years ago might be forgotten? The Challenger is a vehicle that has some points hidden but never forgotten. So when you decide to pick on the Dodge Challenger 2020, you will help keep the legacy of the vehicle. And also, it feels cool to drive a pony vehicle.

A ride that is comfortable in a car that is a muscle

Call it a muscle or pony car; the Dodge Challenger 2020 has space in the interior that offers a smoother rider. Most of its competitors, such as the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, substitute comfort with power. The Hutch and Starsky don’t complain about the seats being hard.

But nowadays things tend to be different. And that could be the reason why the driver of a Challenger plus the front passenger have about 40 inches of cool headroom and legroom of about 42 inches. For the performance of the car, the legroom becomes very important. You have to know that there’s about 55 inches of the hip room that you will get in the Challenger’s back and front. It is what provides more space for maneuvering.

Multiple sub-trims and trims

There are various types of drivers when it comes to the Dodge Challenger 2020. It is what has made the manufacturer ensure they have several trims for them all. From their offering, it seems that is the case. The trims are the standard GT and SXT. The performance trims are usually the R/T, the short form of Road and Track, and the SRT, the short form of the street and racing technology. The SRT and R/T have two and four sub-trims.

The crash rating that is five star

The fact that the Dodge Challenger 2020 receives a five-star rating from the national transportation safety administration does not mean that the drivers should be careless when driving it. What it means is that the vehicle is well rated when it comes to matters of safety. The impressive fact is that the NHTSA was due to the Challenger’s resilience in rollovers and front impact.

Interior design is pleasant

For a car that is known to be muscular, the Dodge Challenger 2020 has an interior that is cool as compared to its competitors. Seat adjustment and power lumbar for the portion of the driver in the cabin comes at a standard with the basic SXT trim.

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