Precautions To Take When Buying A Second-Hand Car After Lockdown

We all are facing a global pandemic. Coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China on New Year’s Eve of 2019, has now infected more than 7 million people in the world. This global catastrophe has taken the lives of over 400,000 people. World Health Organization declared the novel Coronavirus as a pandemic in early March. And ever since the world has shut down.

From June 1st, the Indian government has lifted lockdown in some cities where there are fewer people infected with the coronavirus. But once lockdown will be opened in your city, you should avoid public transport as there is a higher chance of getting infected with coronavirus because the density of people will be high. If not new, you should buy second-hand car post the COVID-19 scare as it is the best option to commute around the city. We have come up with precautions that will help you make a safe purchase of a second-hand car post the nationwide lockdown:

Pick Your Car Dealer Or Seller Carefully

Some cities might have lifted the lockdown, but there are still several hotspots in our country that are marked as Corona Red Zone. Especially states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and the national capital of our country, Delhi. If your car dealer’s shop comes in a red zone, make sure you avoid it. Going to containment zones might increase the risk of you getting infected by a coronavirus. Also, make sure when you visit your car dealer, you should go via cab or auto. As commuting through cab and auto, you have comparatively less chance of getting infected from the virus as you have in a heavily crowded transport such as metro and buses.

Buy Car Insurance

Just like buying health insurance for your health is important, car insurance is important for the health of your car. It will take care of your car in case of damage and will support you financially.

You should also know that in order to continue your policy once its tenure ends, you need to renew car insurance.

Go Through The History Of The Vehicle

Even if we were not living in a coronavirus pandemic, checking the history of your potential purchase is always a great idea. Make sure you ask your dealer to give their car’s service history as it tells a lot about a car’s health. If you ask for a car’s service history, it will benefit you in two ways. One is that you will be aware of when and where your potential car was previously serviced and the details of any repairs or services done. And the second benefit is that your car dealer can’t tamper with odometer as car service history show a transparent reading of odometer.

Make Sure Your Car Is Fully Disinfected

Due to coronavirus pandemic, car disinfection is trending now. You can take your car to the nearest disinfection service provider and get it sanitized and disinfected. It will not only kill bacteria, viruses, and fine particles that can cause infection, but it can also make your car look new and shiny. Also, ask your car dealer to disinfect the car properly before it gets delivered at your doorstep.

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