How to MOT My Car – What You Need to Know

The MOT is a common test that you need to take at least once a year. It is designed to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle and to ensure that it doesn’t pose a danger to you, the owner, as well as other people out on the road. If you want to get the MOT done, you simply have to contact a local garage that is authorised to carry out the test and take your car to the garage at a convenient date and time. Several elements of your vehicle will be checked, including:

  • Carbon emissions
  • Safety features
  • Braking performance
  • Engine performance

When I wanted to MOT my car in Littlehampton, I just went to the closest garage and booked a test.

Advanced Bookings Are Best

The test takes an hour or so, which is why it’s important for you to make an advanced booking. The garage will keep the slot open for you so you don’t have to worry about waiting any more than necessary to complete the test and get your results.

Run a Pre-Check

Running a pre-check is also a wise idea because you will know about the faults in your car. This way, you can get them fixed before you decide to go for the MOT, and potentially save a bit of money. Once the car has been fixed and repaired, you can then decide to schedule the MOT, which increases your chances of clearing the test.

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