Heavy Lifting Solutions for a Range of Industries

It is very often the case when heavy equipment has to be precisely lifted into place and for such projects, there is a mobile crane service that is available 24/7 and that can handle most operations. The gas and mining industries in particular, rely on heavy lifting solutions, as does the marine sector, when huge engines and other equipment need to be precisely positioned for securing.

Online Solutions

Using Google, you can quickly obtain a list of the crane hire companies in Perth and with a little browsing you can ask for a quote for your project. Of course, the crane hire operator cannot issue a quote over the phone, rather they would send a technician to evaluate the project, then they can offer an all-inclusive price.

Strict Safety Requirements

When lifting very heavy (and very expensive) equipment, it is paramount that you use a crane hire company that is both qualified and experienced in the type of lifting required. If they are members of an industry trade federation, so much the better, as this ensures a high level of competence and all lifts would be fully insured.

Logistics & Transportation

It is often the case where a heavy piece of equipment has to be transported to the eventual site where it will be installed and this is the domain of the mobile crane hire company, as they have an impressive fleet of heavy vehicles, ready to handle any project. The crane hire company would assign you a project manager, who would liaise with all concerned parties to ensure that the transportation and the lift are completed successfully.

Working to the Client’s Schedule

There are no ‘opening hours’ with heavy lifting, indeed, a lot of the work is deliberately carried out at night, so as to avoid traffic. The heavy lifter fully understands that time is money and is therefore committed to following the schedule, even if that means working in the middle of the night. You should choose an established crane hire company, as they have the resources to guarantee your lift will be carried out as requested, plus they have an awesome track record for delivering the goods.

For many sectors, the mobile crane hire company is an essential requirement and they are contracted to carry out assignments as and when they come in. Heavy mining equipment is usually scheduled to arrive at night and then it is lowered into position and secured by the mining workers.

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