Does More Wattage Mean Better Sound?

It is easy to reason that the more wattage and power behind your audio equipment, the better it will sound and the louder it will be. But is that really the case? How can you know if the sound system you are buying for your car is good or not?

We are about to find out in this article so that you can walk into a car stereo shop with all the knowledge you need before buying your car audio system.

How Is Wattage Worked Out?

Wattage is the most common way to evaluate a speaker system but it is not the most reliable. To help understand this we need to know exactly what wattage is and what it is made up of.

The amps of your system are the amount of electric current that runs through it and the volts are the pressure on the electricity. When you multiply amps vs the volts you get the wattage. In other words, if you imagine turning on a hose, the amps would be the amount of water passing through it, the volts would be the speed at which it goes through the hose and the overall power outcome would be the wattage.

The trouble is, however, that power does not always mean the best sound.

Other Ways To Examine An Audio System

One way is via compression: The type of signal that passes through the system has an effect on how loud we perceive it to be. A clean signal will likely have better audio quality but will not sound as loud as it would with compression or some form of distortion.

Therefore, you can be made to choose between a loud and highly compressed audio great for more rocky and rough sounds or you can get a clean and classical sound that is not quite as boastful. Another thing to consider is the size which affects the air dispersal and overall volume. Bigger speakers have the ability to project louder sounds.

Overall, however, it must be noted that less cost-effective options usually produce better audio and you should not rely completely on the specs. Check out the reviews, ask if you can hear it before you purchase, and give yourself a day to think about it.

At the end of the search, you will have bought yourself some satisfying speakers that blast out your favorite tunes in the way that you want.

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