Difference between SUV and MUV

Often, you may not know the difference between a sports-utility vehicle (SUV) and a multi-utility vehicle (MUV). Both these types of vehicles are excellent as a family car or for all-around drives. SUVs and MUVs have a larger capacity for hauling items and can accommodate more passengers.

What are SUVs and MUVs?

The term SUV is used for vehicles that appear like a station wagon and have mini truck-like platforms. Generally, full-size and middle-size SUVs come with three seating rows and cargo space in the last compartment.

Conversely, MUVs are manufactured with larger chassis dimensions and higher seating capacity. Most of the MUVs have foldable rear seats, which may be used to store luggage.

Comparison between SUVs and MUVs




Type of lineage

Similar to lighter enclosed trucks

Based in the form of vans

Type of wheel drive

May either be four-wheel or rear-wheel drive

Front-wheel drive

Fuel efficiency

Lesser when compared to MUVs

Provide better fuel efficiency than SUVs


More expensive than MUVs

Cheaper than SUVs

Suitability for off-road driving

Highly suitable

May not be suitable

Demographic appeal

Popular among rural car owners

A family car that allows transportation from one location to another

Choosing between SUV and MUV

Buying either an SUV or a MUV is easy with quick and affordable car finance. Here are three factors that will help you make an informed choice:

1.    Budget

MUVs come with simple layouts and smaller engines, which makes them cheaper compared to SUVs. Additionally, MUVs have lesser moving parts, which make maintenance easier and cost-effective. Moreover, MUVs are more fuel-efficient, reducing regular driving expenses. Therefore, based on your budget and your car loan eligibility, you may choose between a MUV and SUV.

2.    Number of passengers

While knowing your budget will help you make the right choice, you also need to consider the number of passengers who will travel in the car. If you have a family ofthree to five members, it is advisable to opt for a compact SUV. However, if you have a larger family comprising of six to seven people, you may select an MUV.

3.    Type of use

MUVs are convenient and comfortable to drive passengers and hold luggage with comfort. However, if you need more power for longer routes on off-beat terrains, go for an SUV.

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