Car Modification – Things You Need To Consider

A lot of people love some customizations, some personalization of their cars. In fact we all love to own our things, like we prefer to use personal screen savers on our phones, customized phone jackets and all. It’s just the same with cars. There was this show on tv some years back called “Pimp My Ride”. Basically what they did is take you car and converted to some beautiful piece of art, include alloy rims, big woofers and any other thing you wanted.

This is the thing about modifications, you can do whatever you want, as long as you can imagine it and then you can afford it.  However, there’s the side of the law to look at. Make sure your modifications are legal otherwise you could be fined and/or your car impounded.

Here a few things to look at, as you consider pimping your ride.

 Who Will do The Work?

You need to find someone who’s trusted, who has experience in car modifications. It’s even more important if what is going to be modified has anything to do with the mechanical parts of the car, or if it will affect handling. So if you’re modifying your shock absorber, or your suspensions, your brakes, steering, you really have to be careful about this. The fellow has to be certified by the appropriate bodies.


Alloy rims are a thing, but there are also many cool looking rims you might want to attach to your car. However, these rims you’re putting make sure that they have the approval of your car manufacturer. If you’re going to get bigger tyres, make sure your car has space enough for it, otherwise you might just ruin your car and have to pay more in fixing it than planned.


Here is a very pertinent factor to consider. You should let you car insurance company know about any modifications that you make to your car. This is because it might have increased your insurance premium. This is especially if you have used expensive body parts in the mod, this will make your car more prone to theft, that extra risk has to be covered in your premium. Also some modifications might increase your accident risk, the insurance company will definitely want to know about it, and otherwise, they might decline to pay you if you make any claims.


You can’t do much about your tyres, expect up scaling them or downsizing, while most car manufactures don’t advice this, it does seem to be a trend amongst certain folks.


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