4 Benefits of Soda Blasting.

There are many different methods of media blasting, from jetted water, to high intensity lasers. But each type of process has its pros and cons. Blasting can be destructive to fragile objects, and the media chosen can also be hazardous to the environment. One of the gentlest types of media blasting is soda blasting. This is a process that is relatively inert and is very mild in its abrasion. Soda blasting is becoming a popular choice for rare, delicate, and expensive objects that need cleaning or restoration. Here are some of the benefits of soda blasting.

  1. Not Harmful to the Environment: The main components in soda blasting are sodium bicarbonate and water. You may know sodium bicarbonate as baking soda, which is a common kitchen item. We use it in cooking, and it is also found in beverages. If wastewater from soda blasting isn’t directly entering a closed aquatic environment. Like a small pond or fish tank. There is very little chance that any ecological damage can occur from its usage. At most it can raise the PH of a small area of soil or water. Sodium bicarbonate is also non-toxic. Soda blasting in Perth, can be found through an Internet search.
  2. Low Abrasion: When working with objects that are delicate, you want to remove only the contaminant, like rust, but not damage the material the object is made from. Sodium Bicarbonate is not a very hard substance, but it does enhance the abrasion factor of water. For this reason, soda blasting can be gentle and remove surface contamination with precision and restore items that might otherwise be impossible to clean.
  3. Rust Inhibitor: When stripping paint from cars, for example, an immediate problem is that the exposed metal is exposed to oxidation, and quite often water as well. Oxidation on steel is rust, and it can begin right away. With other methods of blasting there is a need to apply a rust inhibitor as quickly as possible. But with soda blasting a natural rust inhibitor is already present in the process. Sodium bicarbonate is high in PH and neutralises acids, which facilitate oxidation. This is beneficial for all types of restoration of metal objects.
  4. Washes Away: When using soda blasting there is very little concern about spillage or clean up. Whatever material that is uncontained can easily be washed away. The powder is water soluble and as mentioned, poses no risk to the environment.

Soda blasting should be your first choice for media blasting whenever possible. It is gentle, safe, inexpensive, and it helps protect your objects as well. There are few products in restoration, that have so many positive aspects.


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